Nikhil Joshi


Nikhil Joshi is an interaction designer and co-founder of interactive design studio
Digital jalebi. Starting his career as a game developer,  Nikhil completed his masters
in New Media design from NID. After co-founding Digital Jalebi in 2013, Nikhil has
worked through various market segments providing engaging interactive solution to
his clients. 
The write-up on Session : 
Title: Games - The engagement tool for brand 
In the age of commercialization, digital content touches us at every corner. Whether you
standing in a mall, your office a museum or an airport, brands a constantly trying to engage
you in a conversation to build their brand communications. In the last couple of years,
engagement through immersive and innovative technologies have flooded this market and
beyond technologies, engagement through game and gamification is the new tools with these
marketers and strategist.
This session will discuss how Digital jalebi have been able to introduce games and
gamification in various client briefs ranging from training, events, promotion, and

Digitat Jalebi


December 4, 2018, 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm
Immersive Media and Gamification for Brand Building - Room [MR101][MR102]