Nalin Savara


Nalin Savara is the Founder and CEO of Darksun Tech - a company that
has had over 20 million app downloads on various app-stores and which has
been developing and distributing it's mobile games since 2007.
Mr.Savara has over 20 years of Game Industry experience- having been
involved in development of "Kaal" - India's first open terrain 3D games
while still in college - and then, after the company was acquired by
EscoSoft, heading it's technology team.
He has been involved in developing 35-40 products- including games and

apps that won prestigious prizes for design, gameplay and innovation-
including Nokia's "Calling All Innovators" ; "Best Arcade Game on

Blackberry 10 App Store" and "Nokia's Do-Good Hackathon" - and he has
been co-author of a book "Algorithm Analysis and Design for Game
Programmers" which was used as a textbook by Westwood Colleges, USA - one
of USA's largest private university.

CEO and MD, DarkSun


December 4, 2018, 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm
A Career in games-the Why factor - Room [MR105][MR106]