Greg Acuna


Greg Acuna – has an unusual combination of creative and business
experience writing, directing and producing media projects, managing
complex ventures for major companies and as an innovative serial
entrepreneur. He has a degree in political science from University of
Southern California and a Masters degree in playwriting from San Francisco
State University. He has written/directed one feature film, co-written two
other produced features, been a script doctor on several projects, directed
an animation/live-action TV pilot as well as theatre plays.

Other accomplishments include several independent productions of his plays, poetry published in four
countries, composing songs, directing music videos and writing two novels. He has taught
screenwriting at the university level, written articles for animation magazines and judged film festivals
including “Chitrakatha” at India’s prestigious National Institute of Design.
He has also been a consultant for Paramount Pictures, Exchange Cubed, Arthur Anderson, CNA and
others. In business he specializes in assisting companies with strategy including putting difficult IT
projects back on track. In the past few years he has concentrated on writing and
homeschooling/unschooling his 12 year old daughter studying and exploring alternative forms of
learning. He’s currently working on a series of “Acting Kindly” printed and mobile games as well as
“Zarbul” an educational gaming platform to empower children to change the world.



December 5, 2018, 2:45 pm - 3:30 pm
Really Augmenting Reality Games - Room [MR101][MR102]