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Attending the following talks:

4th December 2018

9:30 am
Masterclass on Freemium Design (Limited Seating - First Come, First Serve) - Room [G01][G02]
1:30 pm
Conference Opening and Welcome Remarks - Hall 1
1:45 pm
Under the Hood: Empowered Teams. Passionate Players - Hall 1
3:15 pm
Educational Video Games on Indian Culture and Society - Room [MR101][MR102]
5:00 pm
Whats new on Google Play/ Finding Success on Google Play - Hall 1
Why do Publishers and Developers need HTML5 games? - Room [MR201]
5:30 pm
Developing Games for Facebook Messenger - Room [G05][G06]

5th December 2018


 Business Keynote Tech Applied Games